My god, people do need to grow the hell up. I was playing World of Warcraft and had asked a question over the chat channel. Someone decided to be smart with me. So I called them a goof. They then got incredibly mad at me. I told them that they needed to grow the fuck up. Who the hell gets upset over the word “goof”?


This is why I dislike the WoW community so much. In fact, I fucking despise the WoW community. Why can’t I call someone a goof without being accused of “going there”?

As Blake said, this was probably a 12 year old cock sucker. I really enjoy the game play, but the community just ruins it for me. It ruined it so much I may decide to just cancel my account. The people I’ve played with in Everquest have never been this asshole-ish. Maybe because the community has been around for 9 years. I don’t know. Whatever.

90% of people who play World of Warcraft who childish douche bags.


One Response to “Bleh”

  1. jorgejarocho Says:

    Ineed, there is a lot of childish players around and more on the low levels. I guess that you have an alliance character or a very young horde. I just give you this advice:

    Go do your quest and level up fast.

    The faster you level up to 70 the more likely that the childs stay behind you. If you still do instances with childs at 70 I recommend you to get into a good guild and what ever they do, raids, guild pvp, guild RP, whatever you like to do. Don’t get into a guild just becouse they invited you or becouse they are your IRL friends, that just dosen’t work. As long as they do the things that you like to do, they are just fine.

    See you around.


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