EQ Forums

Since September 2004, I currently have 1166 posts in the EQ1 forums. Not impressive, since people have over 10k posts.

In other news, my parents are off of work for the rest of the week. Fun fun. *rolls eyes* I have to deal with them and such. Blah. It’s not so much my Mom who bothers me. It’s my Dad. Every little problem he has, he has to pester Blake and I. I’m surprised he hasn’t asked us how to wipe his ass yet. I just simply gave up on trying to help him. If you try to explain something to him and try to show him how to do something, he’ll forget 5 minutes later. How is it that people around my Dad’s age can figure shit out on their own, but him.. he can’t figure out nuthin’.

I can’t wait until I move out of my house. As soon as I get my degree and get a job, I’m definitely looking for an apartment somewhere else. I just can’t stand here it anymore. He drives me nuts.


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