Starbucks’ New Logo

So, I’m watching the local news. And they had a news report about Starbucks’ new logo.

They reported that a Christian group called “The Resistance” wanted to start a boycott against Starbucks because of the logo.

My opinion?

I think these people should find better shit to worry about than some stupid logo. C’mon now. Let me see. Here’s a list of REAL things to worry about:

  • The Government
  • IRS Stimulus Checks (due to their fuck ups)
  • Catholic priests molesting our children
  • Murder/Rape and any other hideous crime
  • President Bush bankrupting this country into hell

Get my point? A stupid logo showing a naked mermaid is nothing. How about worrying about more important things?

These people have sticks up their asses and need to get a grip on reality. We need to worry about what shape we’re leaving the planet when we pass away. What will our children deal with when we pass away, after a lifetime of destroying our environment? How about worrying about that instead of some stupid logo?


3 Responses to “Starbucks’ New Logo”

  1. Brandon Says:

    Well said my dear 🙂

    Although, their new logo is fucking hilariously. It is going to be interesting when a kindergartner asks their teacher about their coffee cup. haha

  2. missjackie Says:

    And the thing is, kids that haven’t reached puberty yet will look at the breasts and go “Eew!” And if they already hit puberty, they’re going to see it anyway. Either at their friend’s house, from their father’s porn collection, or on the internet. I’ve known what female and male genitalia looked like since I was a young teenager. Was I scarred for life? Nope. Instead of shielding youth from sexual images, how about educating them?

    Blah. 😛

  3. Marsha Leno Says:

    I agree. There are much more important things to be worried about. This reminds me of John Asshcroft who made a big ruckus over the partially nude Spirit of Justice statue. Yes, sirree. Those inquiries are clear examples of our tax dollars hard at work.

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