Overbed Tables & Stuff

So, this previous Friday, I received my over-bed table. Which is exactly like those tables you get in the hospital. Why did I get it? So, I can be a lazy bum and lay in bed while on the computer. -snicker- The main reason why I got it was because of my lower back problems. I can’t sit at my computer desk for too long, simply because the pain becomes too unbearable. So, this is my solution.

In other news, a friend from Everquest 2 is coming this Thursday (May 1st). He wanted to meet me, since he thinks I’m such a great friend. Blah blah blah. I was thinking about taking him on a tour of Philly. Also, maybe to the Art Museum, maybe a coffee shop or two, um.. Let me see. Oh yeah. I definitely have to take him down to South Street. South Street is located in downtown Philly. And quite an interesting place. From Front Street to Broad Street, you’ll find all kinds of interesting and weird/odd shops. There’s this one store called Condom Kingdom (it’s been renamed since then, but the name escapes me). It sells nothing but sex toys, condoms, a huge variety of sexual aides, etc etc. Since he’s a “churchy”, I thought I’d take him in there, for one of those “shocks”. -cackle- He’s here for 2.5 days. So, I have to fill them up with stuff to do.

And that’s what’s been happening in my life.

How boring.


2 Responses to “Overbed Tables & Stuff”

  1. Marsha Leno Says:

    Awe, sorry about your pain. 😦
    I look forward to hearing about your friend’s visit, especially his reaction to “Condom Kingdom”. lol, devious plans!
    Maybe you can do a video of it if you are up to it.

    Take care.

  2. missjackie Says:

    You know, I didn’t think about shooting a video. But, that’d be awesome! Thanks for thinking up the idea! 😛

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