Wow Searches

The past couple weeks, I’ve been noticing that A LOT of people have been searching for “World of Warcraft Sucks” and “Wow Sucks” and various forms  of that. What I don’t understand is if I’m getting so many hits with those words, how does Blizzard still sustain 10 million subscribers? Obviously these people aren’t happy with their service. Either people are two- or three-boxing (hence why the bloated amount of subscribers) or Blizzard is just flat out lying. Me thinks Blizzard may be “crying wolf” here. “OMG.. look at us. We’re awesome. We have horrible graphics and a horrible childish community.. And we’re making up the fact that we have 10m users.” I may be playing a game that’s 9 years old (Everquest 1), but hey.. The community in EQ1 is fucking awesome. I have *never* come across as many douche bags as I have WoW fan bois. In the 4 years that I’ve been playing EQ1, I’ve only had to put 4 people on my ignore list. How’s that for a great community for ya’s?

Anyway, onto more interesting crap. My back pain isn’t getting any better. Feels like it’s getting worse. No matter how many aspirin’s I take for my inflammation and pain killers for the pain, I’m still suffering. Doctors keep telling me to lose weight. Well, gee.. asshole. How can I exercise when I can barely walk? I can barely crawl out of bed and you expect me to exercise? I’m fucking crying almost every day because of the pain and these pain management doctors are telling me that I should exercise. How I about kick you until you’re crying hysterically? Then after that, I’ll tell you to exercise. Some of these doctors have absolutely no sympathy for their patients. Whatever happened to bed side manner?


4 Responses to “Wow Searches”

  1. Angelo Says:

    I am sorry to hear your still having pain with your back missjackie 😦

    What is with your hospital? I think you should get a second opinion on your back from some real professionals. After all this time with their medications and consulting your pain should be a least be more minimal than when it started out with. Your back and spine is the most complex part of your body and if something goes wrong with it it effects your entire body. Check out and search back pain they have comments from people with similar back problems that could help and they have suggestions on what to do, medications to take, tips on how to minimalize pain.
    I would really getting it checked out ASAP you should NOT have to deal with pain like that.

  2. missjackie Says:

    I’m seeing my family doctor this upcoming week. I’ll be demanding an updated MRI, since my last one was taken about 7 years ago and only showed 1 herniated disc. I’m assuming that I have more than 1 herniated disc now. We’ll go from there. One thing that did help me was epidural injections. They would inject them along side the spinal cord. It would actually get rid of the pain. Unfortunately, the relief only lasted about a month and you would have to go back for more injections. 😦

  3. Fffff Says:

    i thought you were a retard or something but i guess you were just faking all those videos you made. good job if so.

  4. AnnaMovix Says:

    no need for praise; she actually wasn’t faking those and is a retard.

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