Red Rum?

I was supposed to see my gynecologist on Monday morning (I guess today). I have to reschedule, due to still having my menstrual crap. You would think that I would keep track of my periods by now, but I’m a moron. Hehe. I have to go see her for my yearly pap smear. Yay. *rolls eyes* I can’t stand having those done. Not only does she give me one, but when she’s done……

She sticks her finger in my ass, to see if I have any polyps in there.

…And when I sit up…

The air that she pushed into my ass, decide to come back out, in the form of a fart.


I never did ask her to buy me dinner, when I’ve seen her before. Hehe.


3 Responses to “Red Rum?”

  1. Brandon Says:

    woooooooow. haha.

    That must have been embarrassing. But, I bet the doctor has seen some worse things. 😉

  2. Um Says:

    I swear, I’m not attempting to be rude in this comment. Really.

    This comment doesn’t really have anything to do with this post in particular-the posts it is referring to are just overdue to reply to.

    I was just wondering why you refer to Christians as judgemental and implying that they are constantly forcing their beliefs down your throat when you really are no different. In most of your entries, if you refer to God-you call him the “make believe God.” Doesn’t this mean you are forcing your belief that there is no God in the same sense that they do? You can’t have a double standard, Jackie.

    I get that this is your personal blog and you can say what you want. But they can as well.

    I mean, there are obvious crazies like Fred Phelps and whatnot, but they aren’t all like that. I’ve had bad experiences with the Christian Church as well. I used to attend one in particular that was filled with hypocrites.

    I have since become an atheist because I realized what I was taught throughout my life was based on lies. But I still can’t judge them all based on that particular experience.

    Sorry for the rant, but I was just wondering.

  3. missjackie Says:

    I don’t hate most Christians. I hate those that talk about it non-stop. Most of my friends are Christians. But, the difference between them and those I hate… my friends don’t sit there and preach. Once is enough. I don’t mind discussing religion with anyone. But the ones who sit there and tell me that I’m going to hell because I don’t believe in their god, those are the ones I can’t stand.

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