EQ1 Stuffs

You know.. I’ve been playing EQ1 more and more.. And less EQ2 these days. I think it’s merely due to the drama that’s brewing in the guild I’m in . Who knows? But, one thing does annoy me about EQ1. The fact that crafting is so much more tedious than EQ2. Not that I mind or anything. It just hurts my wrists, since I have to do more clicking. Bleh. This is how much gaming I play. I’m such a nerd. You can also click on the picture to see more.

In other news, my blog (the one you’re reading, douche bag) has almost reached 10,000 hits. Yay. 😛 And the good thing about WordPress is that they don’t count the hits coming from your own IP address. Which is pretty nice, I guess.

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