Let me see. The very last day of January. Did I accomplish any of my “new year” resolutions yet? Yes and no. I’ve been studying more for school. That’s about it. I’m still depressed over my Grandmother’s death. So, I’m still trying to work out the whole gym thing. Blake and I are supposed to go to the gym on Monday. My only problem is that I have a problem motivating myself to go when I have all this pain going on. Blake suggested taking a pain pill before I left the house. I’ll probably end up doing that.

In other news, I’ve been thinking about quitting Everquest 2, for the second time. *sigh* Blake is probably going to roll his eyes when he sees this. Why am I thinking about it? Um. Well, let me put it this way. The guild that I’m in… They’re really great people. Don’t get me wrong. The biggest problem I’m having is that we barely group together. I’m always left to solo things on my own. Unless I start to bug people. Blah.

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