Bleh Bleh, And Bleh.

Nothing much has been going on lately. My life is boring, as usual. Been trying to diet, but the death of my Grandmother, almost put a stop to it. Depression and stuffs suck. I’ve already cut out 99.9% of my regular soda intake. Been drinking low calorie juice, diet soda (which contains 0), and lots of bottled water. I’ve been eating whole wheat bread, instead of white bread. And man, my asshole is killing me (from pooping too much). But, at least I’m not getting empty calories from the white bread.

In other news. My 28th birthday is coming rapidly. Ugh. Not looking forward to that. Another year closer to 30. Then everything goes downhill after that. My looks (ha!), my sanity (another HA!), and gravity takes its’ toll on my titties. Unfortunately, with a huge rack, I’m in for a big surprise.

Fortunately, with Everquest 1 and 2, I’ve been avoiding thinking about my Grandmother’s death. I know eventually, I’ll break down and cry. I guess her death hasn’t hit me yet. When I saw her for the last time, her swollen face and frail body made me so sad. I can’t understand how a hospital staff could allow another human being die off like that. Just because she was 81 years old, doesn’t mean she didn’t have many more years left. Bleh.


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  1. ha ha ha Says:

    HA HA

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