Santa is a Douche Bag!

I can’t believe that Yahoo News would actually waste their time to actually write an article about Santa (link here). Personally, I would never lie to my children about the existence of Santa. Can you imagine what will happen when they finally find out? How can they ever trust you again after that?

In other news, I’m bored. Then again, that’s not really news. I’m always bored.


5 Responses to “Santa is a Douche Bag!”

  1. Because it's fun, maybe? Says:

    God forbid that kids experience a little imaginative fun and wonder before plunging into the adult routine of dreamless toil until death. Oh, wait, I forgot that you don’t actually work.

    I’ve never met anyone who resented adults for telling them a fun story about a magic fat guy who brings them presents once a year. Anyone who actually would is the douche bag in this situation, not Santa.

  2. Because it's fun, maybe? Says:

    Oh, grow up. Normal, well adjusted people don’t stoop to petty shit like resenting their parents for injecting a little imagination into the holiday.

    Besides, you’re the last person to talk against the insertation of imaginary characters into everyday life… How’s Blake doing?

  3. Blake Says:

    I’m doing just fine, thank you. 🙂

  4. Santa Says:

    Ho ho ho! I see you when you’re sleeping!

  5. AnnaMovix Says:

    I can’t imagine your atrophied mucles and nearly-crushed bone structure ever being able to support the additional weight of a pregnancy…so I guess your point, “I would never lie to my children about the existence of Santa” is moot. Even if you could physically handle it, good luck finding anyone to “fertilize” you. (vomiting at the mere thought of that)

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