I had a $25 gift certificate for Amazon, so I decided to order two books on religion/god.

Links: God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything and The God Delusion

Both should be interesting reads. I’ve put off getting those two books, because I couldn’t afford to buy anything at the moment, because of bills and food shopping. But, since I’m selling stuff on eBay and had a gift certificate, I figured I’d order them both. After the $25 was taken off and got free shipping, I only had to pay $8.

4 Responses to “Religion.”

  1. PIE-WHOLE Says:

    Damn, if only Youtube had given you a fair share of revenue profits, you could have bought three books…

    1) God is Not Great
    2)The God Delusion
    3) How to have your Pie Hole AND eat it

  2. hello Says:

    I read Hitchens’ book and really enjoyed it!

  3. Christopher Says:

    You must let me know how you like ’em.
    Sounds interesting…:D

  4. You don't need to read those books. Says:

    The fact that camera lenses don’t shatter the second they behold you is all the proof I need that god is a myth.

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