Secrests of Faydwer

The other day, I pre-ordered the new expansion for Everquest 1 from Amazon. Yes, people still play it, even though it’s been out for 8 years now. I’ve been playing it since 2004. Around March 2007, I picked up Everquest 2’s last expansion (which included every expansion before it). I actually liked it but didn’t play it very much, because of my video card. About 2 months later, I picked up a 512 mb AGP card and started to play more heavily. EQ2’s new expanson is coming out tomorrow. I’ve already placed a pre-order for that also. It’s a shame they’re charging too much and then charge a monthly fee on top of that. The only good thing about a monthly charge is that it gets rid of immature children. *sigh* Tomorrow, both servers are going down for about 14 hours for the new expansion. I’ll probably end up just studying for school all day. Which I’m supposed to do anyways. đŸ˜‰


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