Rip Off Artists

I received a letter the other day, from a collection agency. The following is their information:

RJM Acquisitions LLC
575 Underhill Blvd. Suite 224
Syosset, NY 11791-3416

Phone: 800-221-9852
Fax: 516-714-1310

So, anyway. I look through the letter and noticed that it states that I owe them money, because I had withdrawn too much money from my bank and I had an overdraft. The only problem is that I already paid back the overdraft fees to the bank and there was no longer a problem. I went through Google and decided to enter in their information and found a whole shitload of web sites stating that this company has ripped people off.

The only reason why I’m putting this up, is so that people who read my blog can be more educated about the assholes out there. If you care about your money and don’t wish to be ripped off, please investigate anything and everything before you do decide to hand your money over.


3 Responses to “Rip Off Artists”

  1. Adam Says:

    You began a paragraph in this blog with “So.”

    You’re in community college, right?

  2. missjackie Says:

    I didn’t know I was supposed to sound “professional” in my personal blog, douche bag.

  3. Angelo Says:

    Thanks for the heads up Jackie! Strangely I did get one of these on Friday but it was the real deal with my real bank. I went over with my checking account and they kindly put in $50 for me from my savings to pay and I didnt get charged even more strange! Nice of them to do that for me. Make sure you always know your balances in both your checking/savings accounts. I saved the info and keeping it just it case I ever get one of these scams. Thanks again Jackie.

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