Eye of god?

So, I had an e-mail forwarded to me, with this photo. Saying that NASA had taken a picture of this with the Hubbell Telescope. They’re saying that it’s the “eye of god”. Give me a fucking break. It’s a nebula. As I said before in this blog, science and mathematics will always explain everything that exists in this universe.  Something that happens as naturally and chaotic in the universe, ignorant people will always attribute it to “god”, without reaching for a scientific explanation first. Ignorant fools, I say. I just want to take a giant stick and smack every fool out there, really hard..until all the stupid comes out.


7 Responses to “Eye of god?”

  1. leslie Says:

    “The Eye of God” is just its nickname you fucking idiot. Its nickname is in no way meant to describe or explain what it really is.

  2. missjackie Says:

    It’s still religious nonsense.

  3. Uh...No Says:

    Explain how it’s religious nonsense. I mean I know NASA scientists have a huge history of religious dogma (yeah right) but still. Why do you hate religious people so much? Isn’t it hypocritical to dislike religion partially because they’re prejudicial towards others and then turn around and hate all religious people? Prejudice is bad Jackie.

  4. missjackie Says:

    It’s religious nonsense because religious nuts are attributing something religious to something scientific. I don’t hate “all” religious people. But I do hate those that try to shove their make-believe god down my throat and then expect me to just follow blindly. On top of that, they’ll try to explain to me that if I don’t believe in “god”, I’m automatically a sinner and I’ll end up in hell. Does that not sound like religious nonsense to you?

  5. Stupid Says:

    But religious people didn’t name it. So they aren’t attributing something religious to something scientific. It’s the same thing as calling it “The eye of Zeus.” No one believes in him anymore, so that’s not religious. It’s a nickname. Plus you aren’t going to hell for not believing in God, you’re going to hell for hoping that someone gets cancer in one of your videos. Also, you’ve said multiple times that you think religious people are delusional. They might be, but that’s not exactly a nice thing to say.

  6. Tay Zonday Says:

    Remember Jackie, sloth and gluttony are sins.

  7. missjackie Says:

    It wouldn’t matter if they were sins or not. I’m an atheist, so I couldn’t care less.

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