Religious Nuts. Oy!

So, I’m upstairs clipping coupons and I hear my door bell ring. I thought it was my dad, since he was working with stuff outside. I open the door and it was an older black lady and a kid.. Possibly her grandchild. Anyway, she starts pulling out her Watchtower publication crap (which Jehovah Witness’ publish) and I quickly say to her “I’m an atheist. Goodbye.” before she even got a word out. I then closed the door on her. And that was that. You have to nip it in the bud or else they’ll be trying to get their foot in the door. It’s bad enough I’m bombarded with religious crap in the media, but when they start knocking on your door, that’s when I start getting mad. I mean, what happens if I were sacrificing a virgin for the Lord Satan? Or something more sinister? What happens if I were having a wild sex orgy? Then what? She’d be praying to her make believe “god”? Oh well. Let the 95% of the self diluted keep thinking there’s something past those clouds.


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