Bitch Please


If you people haven’t thought this country hasn’t gone downhill already, please click the link above. It’s almost.. almost like Nazi Germany. The only difference? People actually “think” they have rights here. Back in Nazi Germany, the people knew they had no rights (the ones who were being carted off to concentration camps.. Gypsies, Gays, Retardeds, Jews, etc.).


3 Responses to “Bitch Please”

  1. c Says:

    I’m just curious, Are you still making videos?
    Awhile back you mentioned liking the movie saw.
    Did you see the hostel 1 or 2? What did you think?

  2. missjackie Says:

    Will be doing a video shortly. I did see them both (Hostel). I enjoyed the first one more. 🙂

  3. Jon Says:

    Let me show you what a moron you are. I think there’s a difference between people harrassing someone shopping at a circuit city and a concentration camp. That story is nothing like Nazi Germany you moron. The guy who got harrassed should sue the police department and the employee, but it’s not as big a deal as you make it seem. America is one of the most free countries in the world. For the record I’m libertarian so I’m a person who cares about freedom and I still think you’re being incredibly unreasonable. Also, it’s retards not retardeds.

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