Pain Sucks

You know, having to clean your bedroom, while your back hurts, is a task that some people don’t have to do. People like myself, they know how hard it is just to move around. So, having to clean your house, room, etc., it’s just even harder for us, than if someone without back pain (or any other pain) were to clean. I’m not talking about your normal pain. I’m talking about pain that’s been there, every single goddamn day.. for the past 6 months. And until I figure out what the fuck is wrong with me, my pain isn’t going anywhere. It gets better if I take aspirin (for the inflammation), but that’s like putting a band aid over it. Losing weight would be ideal, but how can you lose weight when your back is killing you? Even doing any kind of physical activity is painful. My health insurance covers the YMCA, but that’s about a 45 minute bus ride and a little bit of walking. They have a swimming pool there, which would be ideal for someone who has bad back pain. But, how would you go about motivating yourself to get out of the house and get there? Bleh. I suck. 😦

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  1. Jean Says:

    Pain sucks I was saying as I was fixing dinner once again in pain, 4 years of this! I got an award of partial SSI last year and have it on appeal for a year now without hearing anything. I have a T6 disk protrusion and spondylosis. I want to try a cortisone injection since I have heard of 3 people who have had good results from this. I will have medi-cal with SSI, I want it like right now. Morphine and Norco gives me temporary relief with intermittent pain lasting an hour while the pill works or starts wearing off. So I just though I’d search pain sucks to see if anyone else felt the same way. I do affirmations that I am pain free , I will be but when I want it today.

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