World of Warcraft Sucks!

So, I decided to try out the 10 day demo for WoW. Let me tell you. The first 5 minutes, I felt sick to my stomache. Not from the movement of the character. But, the horrible graphics. They are so cartoonish. Goddamnit. EQ2 graphics are superior in quality. So, I decided to just uninstall WoW from my computer, after just playing for an hour. I’m not even gonna fulfill the damn 10 days. The graphics makes me wanna puke.



4 Responses to “World of Warcraft Sucks!”

  1. Joel Says:

    hmm…for one thing, the graphics are intentional, the cartoonish style is supposed to be modeled after the warcraft games. And to judge the entire game from an hour of playing experience is just plain stupid. You’re missing out. You saw a tiny infintesimal fraction of the game.

  2. Averre Says:

    No, he missed out on nothing…the game is a repetitive grind with a community full of asshats, the graphics compared to games made two years previously are superior in quality, it’s a waste of time, money and life.

  3. wowsatimewaster Says:

    it is servers suck

  4. dumbasses Says:

    i dont like the game either but you dont have to right to bitch about it yet, you need to reach a descent level before you can enjoy or bitch about wow

    and newflash :

    you sad little stereotypes

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