Selling Books

Lately, I’ve been requesting free Christian books from all kinds of web sites. And then, selling them on Amazon. I can’t believe that all these places are giving away free books (and I’m not talking about a 3 page book). Full length books. Sold quite a few. And I don’t really feel bad either (since I’m an atheist). These “Christian” assholes are the biggest hypocrites. So, why not make money off of them? 🙂 Other sources of profit? Buying Sudoku books at dollar stores and reselling them. 🙂

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3 Responses to “Selling Books”

  1. Random Asshole Says:

    Who are you calling a hypocrite [referring to Christians]? Ha! You are the most contradictory, hypocritical person on this planet! And if there is someone worse, than I have yet [and would prefer not] to meet them.

  2. missjackie Says:

    This is the prime example of hypocrisy. The Christian community preaches love and tolerance and yet still has hostility towards others who don’t agree with them. And I bet your dumbass can’t even come up with one example of when I was a hypocrite, can you?

  3. Random Asshole Says:

    Oh but I can! But if you would rather choose to be an ignorant asshole and not notice when you have been [watch your damn videos!] a hypocrite, then that is your own decision. Whoever said I was a Christian? I have friends that are and they are not hostile towards others who don’t believe the same as they do. Some Christians do, but they are idiots who give everyone else a bad name. They are hardly Christians. I used to be a Christian and the church I went to was nothing like what you seem to think they are. Stop being such a stereotyper.

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