Don Imus Revisited

Many of you whom subscribe to me on YouTube have known that I have made my opinion known about what I think about the whole Don Imus situation. Now that he’s being sued, I think it’s just getting ridiculous. I think the bitch who’s trying to sue him is just out for money. Seriously. He never said that SHE was a nappy headed ho. How can a person describe a whole entire group of people something and then get sued for slander? You cannot and I repeat, cannot get in trouble for saying shit about a whole group of people. Calling a particular person a child molester or saying someone is a thief in public is a whole other story. But, calling a group of people nappy headed? How is that slanderous? Unfortunately, we live in a society that is “sue happy” and are willing to just sue over anything. Just like that putz who tried to sue over his suit (at his dry cleaners) and tried to get millions.

For those that don’t remember, here’s my original video:

Click Here


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